District Coffee is on 2nd West and 2nd North of Salt Lake City. It is a modest little 2-floor shop with lots of windows, so it’s very bright and clean! I had never heard of this place nor seen it, so we were surprised at it’s cozy and modern appeal!

Kip’s Review

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the hip barista machine with cool curved nobs used to let the espresso flow into the glass cups. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the brand. I had never seen one like it before. 

Jackie and I grabbed our lattes and went outside to enjoy them. I found the latte to be chocolatey with a slightly burnt flavor. I couldn’t taste the bean itself, almost as if there was too much milk, but at the same time, it did not taste overly milky. I would rate this one a 5 out of 10.

Jackie’s girlfriend got a blueberry matcha latte that was bright green. After I consumed my latte, I ordered a 12oz of this matcha drink and found it delicious. Perfect for sipping. I have not had much experience with matcha other than I remember a coworker always drinking it using a special straw that looked like a miniature bedpan. He would stick the straw in the mug with the round bulb side down, fill it with matcha, then pour in hot water. The straw would strain the matcha so that he only consumed the fluid. He would refill his mug with water when it was empty and then dump the matcha before leaving at the end of the day.

Jackie’s Review

District Coffee is a lesser-known coffee joint in Salt Lake. I don’t think they’ve been around for long, because I had never heard of them prior to our visit! The place was adorable and sleek and modern all rolled into one!

This was one of the first day’s I got a hot latte, like my dad. Typically I only enjoy iced lattes, but we had to sit outside because we had our dog, Bentley, and it was cold as ice tits. I agree with my dad in that it had some resemblance of burnt bean in the coffee, and it was a bit more bitter than other variations–this was similar to the latte we had at Salt Lake Roasting Company! I’m not a fan of the more bitter roasts, so I’ll have to rate this latte a 6/10.