Although Millcreek Coffee Roasters, despite its name, has been around in downtown Salt Lake City for nearly 30 years, this coffee joint only popped up on our radar a few months ago, when I (Jackie) moved into an apartment on the same block. Millcreek Coffee Roasters is especially notable for their focus on practices of sustainability and environmentalism when sourcing and producing their signature coffees, which we love! Without further ado–here are our reviews.

Kip’s Review

Millcreek downtown has a very authentic old-style coffee shop feel. Perhaps this is due to the roasting machines they have in the back as for roasting their beans. I ordered my usual, small latte, except I asked them NOT to top it off.  The barista brought my coffee without its lid to show off the beautify slightly foamy fern. My first thought was, ‘It’s gonna taste milky,’ but to my surprise, the espresso taste was more robust than the milk, and thus was I delighted. I looked at Jackie with a smile, and she knew we hit gold. I am not sure what the barista did; perhaps she added a 3rd shot? The overall flavor was of slight cocoa coffee flavor that seemed infused into the milk and probably one of the best latte’s I’ve had in a while. I’m rating this one 10 out of 10.

Jackie’s Review

So, to be completely honest, when we first tried MCR, I was very distracted and did not give my coffee the full and undivided attention it deserved. Consequently, I returned a week later to be able to write a more informed review of the drink.

As per my usual, I ordered a small iced latte. It was notably sweet and a pleasant contrast from last week’s biting latte from Salt Lake Roasting Company. It had a full caramel body with some slightly detectable hints at a woody, nutty, and earthy mouthfeel without the bitter flavor notes that sometimes come with this flavor characteristic. The latte was light and smooth in texture, and I felt that the espresso to milk ratio was well-balanced!

If the caffeine content of Salt Lake Roasting Company was a kick in the ass, then MCR’s was more of a gentle squeeze of the buttocks. I felt calmly energized!

One downside of these beans were the horrendous effect they had on my gastrointestinal tract. Caffeine stimulates contractions of the colon, pushing whatever contents hide within towards the rectum. As soon as I returned back to my apartment, I was chained to my porcelain throne for over 15 minutes. It was a very challenging ordeal, to say the least. Perhaps one of the most difficult internal battles of my life thus far.

My rating for Millcreek Coffee Roasters? 8/10.



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