My Daughter Jaclyn and I saddled up and headed over to a unique spot in Salt Lake City that had piqued our curiosity: The Old Cuss Cafe, Nestled on Main Street and 2285 South, this cowboy-themed cafe isn’t your regular coffee stop; it’s a whimsical fusion of a small clothing store with a side of caffeinated fun.

The eclectic range of clothes and little knick-knacks available for purchase was the first thing that caught my eye (apart from the cool cowboy vibe, yeehaw!). Imagine sipping on a latte while shopping for a pair of jeans and a shirt – now that’s some multitasking some people might like!

While the ambiance was catchy, let me spill the beans on something. The cafe was toasty warm when we walked in. Given the warm temperatures inside, combined with my personal aversion to sweating while sipping, I went with an iced latte. Plus, they were prepping some delightful dish in the back, as the distinct aroma of freshly-cut onions made its way to us while we were waiting in line, causing a teary-eyed moment. But hey, every coffee story needs a little drama, right? Nah! They could certainly use some better ventilation.

When it came time for us to order, I was starting to sweat, and with my tear ducts’ disapproval of the onion chopping, we decided to accept our order outside on the patio. And, my caffeine aficionados, the outdoor seating? Was AWESOME! The patio was in the shade, and it was a balmy September morning. Intriguing iron sculptures adorned the surrounding patio fence, each masterfully welded to the patio’s metal railings. It felt like we’d found an artsy oasis right in the heart of Salt Lake City.

Now, for the pièce de résistance: the latte. My friends, this drink was yummy, to say the least. The harmonious dance between the rich coffee and silky milk was accentuated by a su

Happy sipping,