Déjà Brew

Norwegian Waffle Tokyo Japan

I just spent the last 2 weeks in Japan exploring castles, shrines, gardens and the underground world of the Tokyo transit system. During my travels, I stumbled upon a quaint coffee shop called the Norwegian Waffle House, located in the heart of Asakusa district near...

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IndieGo Cafe

This was a nice little spot next to my little sister Sydney’s house, and it’s a newer place on 3900s. They have a sort of disorienting decor inside but overall the vibes were pleasant and it smelled like delicious coffee the second I walked in. There was couch...

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The Old Cuss Cafe

My Daughter Jaclyn and I saddled up and headed over to a unique spot in Salt Lake City that had piqued our curiosity: The Old Cuss Cafe, Nestled on Main Street and 2285 South, this cowboy-themed cafe isn’t your regular coffee stop; it’s a whimsical fusion of a small...

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Tous les Jours

We are back with another latte review. This week’s victim? Tous Les Jours—a new spot in Midvale, Utah. Firstly, the place is very aesthetically pleasing. Great lighting, really bright inside, all-white surfaces, floor-to-ceiling windows, and lots of mid-century modern...

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Neo Coffee Bar – Toronto

Kip's Review I am out in Toronto, Canada, for a much-needed R&R. I had never been to Toronto, and it seems like a cooler place weather-wise than most places in the USA. While there, I was sure to check out Tim Horton’s coffee, gasp! It was ok, to say the least....

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Bongo Coffee – Nashville

BONGO COFFEE - Nashville Today’s review is a special one! First off—I’ll be reviewing this spot on my own and without the input of the true connoisseur: my father. Second of all—I’m in Nashville! And so is this cool coffee joint. And finally: I started drinking oat...

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Blue Copper Coffee Room

Jackie's Review It was a nippy Saturday morning, and we (my dad, me, and my best buddy Auston) decided to make our way out to Blue Copper Coffee Room, a quaint and hip little coffee shop on 9th south and about 1st west. Auston and my dad got to the spot first, as I...

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Nostalgia Coffee

"Home of the crepes, land of the free", as Brigham Young once said after visiting Nostalgia Coffee some time ago. Nostalgia sits on 100 South, near the very heart and shining diamond of Salt Lake: the LDS Temple. This is definitely a classic for Salt Lakers, and the...

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District Coffee

District Coffee is on 2nd West and 2nd North of Salt Lake City. It is a modest little 2-floor shop with lots of windows, so it's very bright and clean! I had never heard of this place nor seen it, so we were surprised at it's cozy and modern appeal! Kip's Review The...

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Campos Coffee

Campos Coffee Roastery & Kitchen downtown Salt Lake City is a neat little modern shop tucked away on Edison Street's alley-like street. This place is a kitchen where they serve food as well as roast their Campos beans. Of course, Jaclyn and I were there to check...

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Salt Lake Roasting Company

Today, we visited the Salt Lake Roasting Company. After 30 years in business, SLRC has become an SLC staple, and is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. We took our free Saturday morning to put its fame to the test: would SLRC's latte be on par with its...

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Millcreek Coffee Roasters

Although Millcreek Coffee Roasters, despite its name, has been around in downtown Salt Lake City for nearly 30 years, this coffee joint only popped up on our radar a few months ago, when I (Jackie) moved into an apartment on the same block. Millcreek Coffee Roasters...

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"Bean there, done that." ~Kip & Jackie

Honey, this coffee tastes like mud!

Easy pops, it was just ground a minute ago.